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I specialize in Logistical Work (Amazon MQJ1), Retail (Walmart, Home Depot), and Cashiering (Circle K, Buffalo Wild Wings)

I have some I.T/WebService Experience. I am always looking for challenges and seeking input from my peers

My work history backstory


My first job was Walmart. I was a Cart Associate, APCH (Asset Prot. Customer Host), Stocker, and E-commerce Shopper.
I utilized technology daily in reporting data to managment, picking e-commerce orders, and clocking in and out. I voluntarily stepped down due to managment

Home Depot

My next job was Home Depot, I worked as a Deliveries Associate, Lot Associate, and helped assist deptartment's stock.
I learned to use a OML (One-man-lift/ballymore/electric ladder) to pull boxes off high-reach places.
I utitlized a TC70 to modify stock-entries, pick (collect) contractor orders and communicate with M.O.D's (Manager on duty).
I gained alot of useful workforce skills here, and was trained by department head's on the best sale(s) methods and how to organize and configure displays. I also was a co-support for the service desk


This job didn't bring me much in workforce-toolsets, but I did obtain my class-c pump operator certification, and how to identify FAKE id's and rules on alcohol sales

Buffalo Wild Wings/BWW/BW3

I learned a bit here, I learned how to triple multi-task. At this job, I learned how to listen to customer(s) inquiries and jot them down either on paper or into the terminal/p.o.s.
I worked with managers and kitchen staff to coordinate times to customers in-store/over the phone. One thing was I also helped the kitchen with orders when needed.
I managed queue's for the front when we we're busy and communicated with servers on their needs and assisted with drink orders and foot sitting

Amazon MQJ1

This job has helped me alot with my toolbelt. I learned about the flow of buildings and what customer-first means. I co-work with flow to clear jams in a small area called PID Deck
I learned how to communicate to large teams and operations and effectively get details out. My managers rely on me to get work done effectively

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